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April- Nutrition
Posted:4/1/2008 12:00:00 AM

This month, I have chosen nutrition as my topic, but presented in a different way. As I have read, researched and 'listened' over the years, I have compiled some 'tidbits' that I have found quite interesting. I would like to share some of these with you.

  • A birds' feathers and metabolic rate provide a remarkable ability to withstand variances in temperature.....birds also need to be acclimated, have good nutrition, adequate ventilation and proper shelter. But without proper nutrition, even the healthiest bird will suffer from fluctuating temperature, drafts and cold.
  • Sunflower Seeds and Peanuts contain 47.3% fat and 47.5% fat respectively....No wonder fatty liver disease is so prominent in our pets. These are the two most favorite foods of many of our is very important to limit these two goodies and provide plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in their place.
    Finch 38
    Canary 25
    Parakeet 22
    Cockatiel 20
    Parrot 13
    (This is metabolically, NOT in aging)

    "If a canary failed to eat for one day, it would be as though a human had not eaten for 25 days. So you can see why good nutrition is so crucial for our pets. If this same canary ate an unbalanced diet for 14 would be as if we ate deficiently for almost one year. "[T.J.Lafeber D. V. M.)
    This shows just how important good nutrition is for our 'buddies'.

    • During a bird's annual molt, the most important part is not all of the lost feathers, but the regrowth of new feathers. Hundreds of feather follicles are actively growing new feathers....this puts a lot of stress on our pet's body .....each feather takes about 6 weeks until it is totally regrown. Usually a complete molt takes about 3 months. Since feathers are about 87% protein....vitamins and good nutrition are essential here also.
    • When we think about stress, we sometimes think of our bird being in an unpleasant situation.....but in reality, stress can manifest itself in many areas....such as.....cramped living area ... poor hygeine....poor cleanliness in living area.....overcrowding.....and poor nutrition. To help minimize stress in your pet's life.....good healthy foods can surely help as well as providing a clean and safe place to live.
    • "Picky eaters" are more likely to try new things in the morning.....I guess they are like me....sometimes I get out of bed for the sole purpose of eating! Try some of those fruits and veggies or pellets in the morning...You might find success.

    Hope you found this informative as well as interesting......nutrition is always a worry to us as bird owners. Anything we can do to prolong our bird's life is an utmost priority for all of us. If there is any way we can help you, please give us a call or send me an E-mail.

    Have a peaceful April.


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