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March- Toy Safety and Selections
Posted:3/2/2008 12:00:00 AM

Spending a goodly portion of your day in a cage could certainly prove to be a very boring existence! This is why we as bird owners invest dearly in toys for our birds. We spend large amounts of time trying to select the appropriate toy size, color and durability to excite, stimulate and entertain our feathered pets. You know how annoying it is to sit in a Doctor's Office and have to read the same old magazines each visit....imagine sitting in a cage with the same old toys day after day.

We have learned through 'trial and error,' talking with other bird owners and asking for assistance at The Bird Shoppe that African Greys love the color red, smaller birds love the little dangly beaded toys, Macaws love anything they can destroy and Cockatoos love anything they can disassemble.

Anne and staff at The Bird Shoppe spend an inordinate amount of time in the selection of toys for the store. We look for safety, durability, color, uniqueness and value. We make sure that our toys are as safe as possible, the colors are non toxic and the materials used are safe for your pet. We use Frank, our Grey, Doodles and Harold, our Macaws and Peaches our Moluccan Cockatoo as our 'guinea pigs' for toy selection. We do our best to make sure your selection will provide a wonderful safe entertainment for your birds.

Once you make your selection, it is extremely important that you inspect the toys daily. Beaks can do a lot of damage to the toys as well as the time the birds spends each day in the cage playing. Look for 'O Rings' which have opened, ropes that have frayed, rings that could catch legs or toes or toys that are just in general disarray. It is our responsibility to make sure our pets' cages are a safe place to live and play while we are not supervising.

I have built up quite a collection of toys for my 'boys' over the years. Every two weeks I rotate the toys in their cages. It allows me the time to clean and check for toys that need to be repaired or just plain discarded. I also have found a different way of hanging my toys that might be something you might want to try. Instead of always hanging the toys from the top of the cage, I hang them around all four sides at different levels. This way, my guys have to hang upside down, travel all over the cage and work at playing....or destroying .....their toys. They seem to be more active and the toys seem to be more entertaining for them.

We have some new interactive toys in our store for large and small birds as well as 'preening' toys to help our little feather pickers.


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