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Boarding @
The Birdie Hotel

Our services include Boarding so when you need a vacation and your bird is unable to go with you. You can trust the staff at The Bird Shoppe to make sure your buddy is taken care of the way your bird should be.

The Bird Shoppe Hotel is a safe, happy place to leave your feathered companion while you are gone.  We care for your pet with love and concern in your absence. Long-term or short-term stays....your cage or ours.....we will make sure your loved one is well fed and happy upon your return.

Image of The Bird Shoppe Hotel

Professional, caring staff care for your
feathered loved one as they would their own. 

Boarding Options

  • Accommodation Options

    • On-Floor Socialization

    • Birdie Hotel 

  • Bring Your Own Cage

  • Rent a Bird Shoppe Cage

  • Long-Term and Short-Term Stays

  • Special Military Deployment Options

  • Special Care Needs**

MAKE A RESERVATION: 513-874-4405

**Special Needs of your bird must be agreed upon at the time of reservation. The Bird Shoppe Staff reserve the right to decline any boarding reservation or special care request. 

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