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About us

Our store is a unique and exciting place to find a new addition for your family or the latest healthy foods and treats, toys and supplies for your feathered pet. We are independently owned and located in Fairfield, OH. The Bird Shoppe has a large Nursery as well as a beautiful Birdie Hotel.


The Bird Shoppe, LLC offers a large, diverse selection of toys, treats, food, cages and accessories to enhance the health and well being of your pet.  


We also have bedding, cleaning supplies, vitamins, breeding boxes, carriers and playstands. Our staff is dedicated to constantly be on the look out for safe and healthful fun products for you and your pet. Our staff is friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. Come pay us a visit.

The Bird Shoppe, LLC is privately owned by Anne Crone and professionally and lovingly run by Paula, Vern and our wonderful volunteers who help throughout the week. Dave, Tommy, Denny, Jane, Jenny, Brandy, Karen, Liz, and Sandie are most willing to assist us and our customers in any way. We have over a combined sixty years experience caring for these wonderful feathered creatures.

Anne worked with Sandy Hounchell of "All About Birds" for over thirteen years and learned much from her experience of handling and caring for exotic birds. The lessons learned were invaluable. The rest of the team has also worked around birds for many years. Their commitment to care is unsurpassed by no one. The uniqueness of Paula, Vern and Jean is their attention to detail. Whether concerning hygiene, comfort, nutrition, interaction or appropriate housing and toys, they treat each bird as an individual and tend to every aspect of its' personal development and happiness.

We are committed to providing our customer with a clean, beautiful, well stocked store; healthy, happy, quality bred and cared for birds; helpful assistance.; a cheerful greeting; and a feeling of being valued and welcomed as our customer.


“You guys are so informative, very friendly and helpful! Thank you for helping me adopt my baby Parakeet, and giving me some information about the breed that I didn’t know! 5 stars!"


*****​  ​
- Reichel F. on Facebook Reviews


“I have purchased two beautiful birds from them. I also trust them to house and take care of my birds when my husband and I are out of town. They provide a great selection of food and supplies."


*****​  ​
- Nichole M. on Facebook Reviews


“One of the best bird stores I have ever been in. They have birds for sale as well as have bird sitting where the birds still get attention from all the customers!" 


- Bethany E. on Google Reviews


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