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The cockatiel is simply a mini cockatoo with a couple of distinctive differences. One, the 'tiels are vastly less work and much less expensive than the 'toos'. Also, the tiels are a whole lot less troublesome and noisy. Cockatiels are beautiful, gentle and fun to be around. Tiels enjoy fresh veggies, a variety of seeds, dry cereal, scrambled eggs as well as cooked pasta and rice and a sprig of fresh millet. Toys and swings are a must for these busy little characters. These wonderful birds make excellent 'first birds' for any household.


Their engaging personalities and high trainability have put them near the top of the list of the most popular pet bird species. When cared for properly, Cockatiels can be affectionate and fascinating pets. They are a wonderful species for inexperienced bird owners because of their natural friendly dispositions and curious playfulness.


Cockatiels are members of the parrot family, and have the ability to mimic. While it is possible for Cockatiels to learn a few words, most prefer to whistle or sound out noises that they hear in their environment, such as ringing telephones or doorbells. Sometimes their imitations can be quite convincing!


Like all parrots, they relish the times they get to spend with their owners -- they are very social and must be interacted with to remain tame. They should be handled, talked to, and played with every day to ensure their health and happiness.

Cockatiels in captivity usually have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years. Most  handfed Cockatiels have a very sweet, even temperament, and will exhibit a rather curious and inquisitive nature. They can bond closely with their owners and can be extremely affectionate. Cockatiels are quite intelligent and very social, and enjoy interacting with their human "flock". When properly stimulated, they are relatively easy to care for and make wonderful companions.

  • Great 1st Family Bird

  • Friendly and easy to handle

  • Variety of Colors

  • Can be vocal but Apartment compatible

  • Small vocabulary but love to show it off

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