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Parrots Pleasure is our most economical daily feed.  This aromatic blend is made up of seeds and grains and complimented with fruits, nuts and vegetables.  This mix is ideal for all medium to large sized parrots. These include amazons, macaws, cockatoos and african greys.


Ingredients:  Striped sunflower seed, banana, papaya, corn, pineapple, carrots, peanuts, rice crackers, honey nuggets, wheat, barley, red milo, peeled oats, hemp seed, pinenuts, hulled sunflower, safflower seed, apricots, apple, raisins, walnuts, filberts, almonds, cashews, pistachio nuts, broken cinnamon sticks, popcorn, chili peppers

Guaranteed Analysis:    
Crude Protein....0%         Fat...%           Fiber...0%        Moisture....0

Parrot's Pleasure

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0.5 Pounds
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